Maca Oligo

Maca Oligo

The health Benefits of Maca Oligo

- While Maca has captured the world's attention and is the world's top ten best selling food nutrition, Oligo is rich with water soluble fiber which acts as nutrients for the good L-Bifidus bacteria.

- Oligo enhances the growth of L-Bifidus bacteria within our intestinal systems and hinders  growth of dangerous bacteria. This will enhance the stomach and intestinal environment for optimal nutrient and mineral absorption particularly calcium and magnesium while at the same time enhancing the intestines toxin cleansing functions. The combination of Maca and Oligo delivers the optimum benefits for men.

- Oligo also actives the bodies cellular growth and is anti aging in that it slows down the process of aging. Oligo enhances the immune system and is anti cancer. Other Oligo functions prevention and treatment for diabetes, protects and cleanses the body's internal system, reduces blood cholesterol, balances fatty acids and blood cleansing, prevents constipation and piles and combats fatigue.

- Oligo is low in calorie and it does not increase the internal body heat. Oligo enhances the intestinal digestive and bowel systems.


 MACA's Functions

- Fatigue , lassitude

- Loss of desire for intimate pleasure

- Pressure

- Female infertility

- Irregular menstruation

- Menopause syndrome

- Men's sperm reduce

- Impotence, premature ejaculation

- Male climacteric syndrome

- Sexual dysfunction

- Hypertension

- Diabetes

- Rheumatism

- Bronchitis

- Osteomalacia

- Anemia

- Constipation


Product Contents : Each box = 8 sachets x 15 gram


 Maca Oligo
New Packaging ; 13 Sachets x 7g 

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