Raksamsib Khunsumrit Hearbs

Raksasib Khunsamrit Herbs

This extreamely popular Thai herbal tonic for women has many health and beauty benefits, it helps balance the hormonal system.



1. Nourishes the blood, strengthens the female anti-aging hormone and helps skin look younger.

2. Smoothes skin and leaves it whiter and clearer. Reduce wrinkles, acnes, blemishes and rough oily skin.

3. Strengthens bones, nails and hair. Leaves shinier hair and cuts down on hair loss and rough skin 

4. Reduces unwanted vaginal discharge and stops unpleasant vaginal odour.

5. Enlarges and firms the breast shapes the hips and tightens the waist.

6.Tightens the vagina and promotes sensation

7. Helps regulate the menstrual cycle and reduces radical pre-menstrual pain.

8. Cleanses the blood.

9. Prevents and treats postpartum uterine infections.

10. Reduces cervical cancer, ovarian cancer and breast cancer in women

11. Maintains good and strong mental health as it nourishes the nerves, enhances memory and aids in better sleep.

12. Treats menopause symptoms such as hot flashes, fatigue, regulates mood swings and prevents dry and wrinkled skin

13. Helps keep woman's body healthy and lessen the chances of infertility. Improve chances for pregnancy.




*** Continue your normal healthy diet. No side effects and does not harm the body or leave any residue in the body

Raksamsib Khunsamrit Herbs 

Dosage 2-4 capsules 2 times a day , before meals ( breakfast - dinner)

Contain 60 capsules

FDA Registration No.G93/9

Warning : Keep away from children and pregnant women.

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