Collagen Unique

Collagen Unique ( Formulated from USA)

Berries Mix Flavor 

100% premium marine collagen 180,000 mg

L-Ornithine, L-Glutathione, Coenzyme Q10


Skin firmness, Skin moisturisation, Skin suppleness and constant renewal of skin cells.

Collagen drink formulated by high quality marine collagen with coenzyme Q10 which is a potent antioxidant that against aging of cells as well as stimulates collagen production . This high - quality product contains anti-aging substances, moisture - retaining factors and skin regeneration factors. Collagen is the main constituent of connective tissues and is responsible.





     % Function
Marine Collagen Powder 9.000 60.00%  Active
Berries Mix Powder# 2.000 13.33%  Active
Vitaberry Powder## 0.800 5.33%  Active
Inulin(90%) 0.800 5.33%  Active
Apple Powder 0.450 3.00%  Active
Pomegranate Powder 0.400 2.67%  Active
L-Ornithine 0.200 1.33%  Active
L-Glutathione 0.200 1.33%  Active
Coenzyme Q10 0.009 0.06%  Active
Fructose (Food  Grade) 1.120 7.48%  Inactive
Malic Acid (USP) 0.021 0.14%  Inactive

Total                                  15.000    100.00%


Serving Suggestion : Mix 1 sechet (15g) with 200 ml room temperature or cold water, stir well and drink.

Best consume early morning with empty stomach or before bedtime.

Serving size : Recommended to start with 2 sachets daily for first month.

Storage instruction : keep in cool dry place below 30 c

12 sachets X 15 gm

FDA.No 10-3-24156-1-0017



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