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Initiating the Momentum of Vitality and Longevity

AlphaMeta is whole grains-based nutritional supplement extracted from specially selected rices strains cultivated organically. It provides a complete range of nutrients including amino acids, vitamins,minerals,proteins and polysaccharides that stimulates production of bio-energy(ATP) and revitalizes the body systems in order to achieve a balanced health.


A Complete Function Food of New Trend 

1. The most primitive food for human being 

2. Special ingredients to produce superior quality food.

    a. Ecologically balanced organic farming:

       - Stimulation of organic soil by earthworm Natural fertilizers by fishes & frogs

       - Weed growth maintenance by ducks. Free from-any synthetic fertilizers & chemical herbicides which yields all-natural rice grains.

    b. International organic certification by USDA & EU

3. Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) free,Additives free, safe for consumption.

4. A food high in bioactive compounds, produced via a unique patented extraction technology


AlphaMeta, your choice to vitality & health

a-psp → Bio-energy production → cellular enzymes production → Maintains total health

                                                                                                             → maintains vitality

                                                                                                             → Delays aging process


 AlphaMeta Brings Health and Vitality for Your Whole Family 


- Promotes normal development of muscle and bone growth 

- Keeps energetic

- Strengthens brain cells, improves concentration and memory

- Promotes digestive function, prevents gastrointestinal illness



- Keeps energetic, eliminates fatigue

- Maintains clear thinking, improves the ability to work

- Promotes skin repair, improves skin beauty

- Regulates hormone secretion

- Improves the quality of sexual life



- Enhances memory and prevents Alzheimer's disease

- Strengthens immunity, enhances Fitness physical

- Slows down skin aging, improves skin elasticity and radiance

- Keep energetic



- Strengthens immunity, reduces inflammation

- Promotes cell repair, shortens recovery period

- Keeps energetic, enhances physical fitness


 Recommended consumption

Mix a spoon (10g) of AlphaMeta with lukewarm water, drink or soup, Mix it well and drink, Recommended 2-3 times daily.


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