Niza Placenta Cream

Niza Placenta Cream

Natural Facial Care for the Skin 

Niza Cream  is the result from the studies and research made by 3 main principals of medicine, Traditional Chinese, Traditional Thai and Modern Western Medicine. It is a natural skin cream that helps restore surface layer cells that have degenerated due to skin's sensitivity to chemical  and various other factors, to firm skin and help skin look younger. With Nano Technology and a proportionate combination of 9 pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical based concentrated  natural extracts, Niza Cream helps skin to retain its radiance and glow.



The 9 concentrated natural extracts of Niza Placenta Cream are;


 Collagen - Helps restore skin elasticity  elasticity (firms and tighten) by moisturizing and strengthening elastin 


  Sheep Placenta - Protein purified from sheep's placenta contains a natural combination of Vitamins A,B3,C and also antioxidants  that brightens and smoothen skin by diminishing and lessening wrinkles, acnes and blemishes. It also helps to maintain skin  elasticity and keeps skin looking young.


  Evening Primrose &Jojoba Oil - Rich in vitamins to moisturize and soften skin over a longer period, protect skin from pollution and reduces skin irritation.


 Green Tea - Helps moisten, tighten and firms skin up and also reduces allergic.




 Lanolin - Natural balance for the skin and helps refresh skin


 Snow Lotus - Maintains skin's beauty and care also helps prevent against acne blemishes.


 Aloe Vera - Helps in healing wounds with its anti-bacterial and fungi growth inhibition


Vitamin E


Placenta Day Cream SPF 20++

Registration No.2015300301

Placenta Night Cream 

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Niza Melanin Cream

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Contain 5g.    500 THB

Contain 30g.   2,200 THB                                                                                             ( Back To Top)





  • Niza Placenta Day Cream SPF 20+

  • Niza Placenta Night Cream

  • Niza Melanin Cream

  • Niza Placenta Cream

  • Niza Placenta Cream

  • Niza Placenta Cream

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