Sanenang Comosa Herb

Sanenang Comosa Herb 100 % Herbal with no side effects

" Whitens and tightens Skin , Odourless vaginal discharge "

                " Fits and firms within 3 weeks"

Safe with GMP & HACCP Standards, Registration No.G89/47


Thai herbs compound to traditional recipes.

  • Nourish and firms breast 
  • Promotes glowing skin
  • Helps tighten up the vaginal , decreases Premature aging 
  • Reduces menopausal symptoms before and after menstruation
  • Effectively beautifies by promoting the flow of blood
  • Adjust the balance menstruation periods, and reduces radical pain before menstruation
  • Nourishes blood, reduces phlegm and strenghtens lung 
  • Reduces leucorrhea & intrauteruine pain and cures lower uterine




 Comosareduce cholesterol and triglycerides, Treatment for menstrual disorders, and women with menopausal problems, cure Hemorrhoids, cure Cancer, cures hysterectomy disabilities, normalizers and adjust the uterus against infertility , reduces inflammation of the uterus,increased milk for breastfeeding mothers, Help the organs deteriorating prematurely, promotes beauty by helping blood circulate better on the face and skin.

  Tang Kui : the medicinal properties help to nourish the lungs and kidneys , helps prevent Bronchodilators larynx, diabetes, blood pressure, heart Disease, helps fertility, Pesticide toxic residues, Nourishes the blood and acts as a nerve tonic

  Talinum Patens Willd : Stimulates the nervous system, body dexterous, lower Blood Sugar, resolves fatiguenes

 Curcuma acruginosa roxbIncreased milk for breastfeeding mothers, reduces inflammation of the uterus, Wound healing after surgery childbirth, promotes radiant skin, reduces freckles and dark spots.

 Molineria latifolia Herb : Suitable for women after childbirth, reduces uterine inflammation, promotes wound healingafter surgery, maintains and tightens up vaginal and promotes against premature derioration.

 Sappan : Nurtures blood , the impaired lung, pituitary, cures Asthma, reduces body heat , reduces inflammatory problems, heals wounds, assist is lowering chances of Diarrhea, and dysentery, etc.



  • 1-2  first month : Take 2 capsules, 20-30minutes  before meal , in the mornings  and evenings
  • The following month : Reduce intake to 1 capsule , 20-30 minutes before meals in the mornings and evenings


Contain 60 capsules / Bottle



 Some women's health issues that may be  helped by consuming  Sanenang Comosa Herb

  • Had cesarean surgery or abortion before ,this may cause uterus to be abnormal due to nerve damage. Synchronization of the uterus is not the same
  • Having consumed too many seeds, like sunflower, pumpkin, melon seeds etc. High content of oil from these seeds , may cause the uterus muscles to relax , resulting in a drop in the position of the uterus which may create problems
  • Eating fermented foods regularly, both as a side dish and /or snacks such as pickled fish, pickled bamboo shoots , pickled crab etc.


Reason for the Need of Sanenang Comosa Herb

1. Rounded : reduces the effect of a Rounded abdomen caused the expansion or slack in the uterus which results in abdomen and the waist to swell up

2. During Menstruation : Additional pain during menstruation period that is caused by the uterus squeezing more in trying to expel out excessive residue of waste matter

3. Leucorrhea : (Vaginal discharge) only 2-3 days before and after menstruation , Having Leucorrhea problems any other times are irregular

4. Unpleasant Vaginal odour, itching and infections : Caused mainly by dampness trapped inside the Loosened vaginal feeling - due to premature deterioration or after natural birth

5. Cancer causing Uterine fibroids Tumors formed on the smooth uterus skin over time due to residual waste in the uterus .

6. Muscle loss Body muscle loss, causing sagging breast and bags under the eyes.

7. Bladder wall muscles are weakened and urine leaks out , causing possible cancerous problems to the uterus resulting in the removal ot the uterus .

8. Approaching menopuasal age, hormones tend to decrease and hormones levels fluctuate resulting in hot flushes become more frequent  and emotions are more unstable , causing nervousness and irritability.

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