Saosongphunpee Herbal

Saosongphunpee Herbal

A Thai Herbs,  unrevealed till now, with an invaluable medical texbook discovery of a magical formula for promoting women's health.


   White Crane Flower : Promotes wound healing and treating exessive vaginal discharge (leucorrhea)

  Promegranate :  Suppresses cervical cancer cells ; balances estrogen levels especially in women with postmenopausal problems 

  Gallnuts : Promotes wound healing and treating excessive vaginal discharge (leucorrhea)

  Curcuma Comosa : Tightens and firms the uterus and vagina muscles after birth, regulates menstrual cycles and inhibits cervical cancer cells.

  Manila tamarind : Contains anti-inflammatory properties and helps heal wounds

  Borneo Camphor : Promotes a soothing and calming sensation and relieves swelling and reduces pain 

  Acacia Catechu Wild : Promotes wound healing and treating excessive vaginal discharge (leucorrhea)

  Stemona Tuberosa Lour (Stemona Root) : Containts antifungal,  inti cancer and anti-AIDS properties

  Suregada Multiflorum : Cointains anti fungal and anti-inflammatory properties against venereal disease ,AIDS, cancer and intestinal disease 

Other Herbs : Cures Hemorrhoids; cures fresh wounds and wound infections decrease vaginal discharge ; anti fungal properties and firms vagina muscles



1. Tightens the vagina and promotes sensation.

2. Regulates female hormones

3. Reduces abdominal pain (menstrual pains).

4. Stops unpleasant smell inside the vagina and reduces symptoms of vaginal discharge.

5. Antifungal, Antibacterial and cervical cancer preventing 




1. Insert the herbal pill deep in to the vagina and allow 2-3 hours or untill pill is dissoved

2. After insertion, a whitish tissue-like vaginal discharge will appear as the herbal medicine takes effect in cleansing .



  • Those who want to have children should not use this products  as the pills has a spermicidal effects .
  • Those who are pregnant should not use it because it may affect the fetus.


Saosongphunpee Herbal

 Contain 4 tablets

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