Amoorea Beauty Bar


Amoorea Moor Beauty Bar- For a Youthful, Brighter & More Radiant Skin

 Amoorea Moor Beauty Bar, an all Natural and scientifically proven therapeutic soap-free formulation from Europe that cleanses, tones and moisturises all skin type,in 3 simple steps! Enriched with unique combination of Microalgae Extract and   Heilmoor  Clay effectively penetrates the skin to carry out a total detoxification from within;helping  control all major forms of skin issues and leaving complexions clean,youthful and smooth to the touch.



 Just 3 simples steps to youthful , brighter and more rediant skin; 

1.Put the Amoorea Beauty Bar on your palm and add clean water, Rub to create a think lather.

2.Apply the lather gently onto your skin and leave it on for a minimum of 3 minutes.

3.Rinse toroughly and pat your face dry with a clean towel.

 What is Heilmoor clay?

Heilmoor clay is the official name for the moor substance. Amoorea is made with " Tiefen or Deep Moor" is 100%      naturally peloid extracted from deposits located in lower Austria.

It is a natural potporri of substances that can play an important part for the cell metabolism of the skin due to it contain      high  amount of humic acids and also rich in nutrients, vitamins and enzymes .


  •  pH 5.5, skin neutral pH value
  • No lime soap residues which can cause skin irritation
  • No puffiness of the upper skin layer
  • For sensitive, delicate and problematic skin (acne)
  • Help so soften and moisturize skin (poliglucuronic Acid)
  • Rich in Vitamin B1,B2,B12 and Niacin helps to boost the energy level of the skin and protect it from various forms of    stress ( Freshwater Microalgae Extract)
  • Cell metabolism of the skin due to its content of high amount of humic acide and also rich in nutrients,vitamins and enzymes ( Heilmoor Clay )
  • Has a high anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative effect ( Licorice Extract)
  • Naturally helps to control bacterial growth.( Tea tree Leaf Oil)
  • Tightening and firming effect on skin 
  • Regular use will unveil a clearer,lighter and youthful complexion.


Amoorea Moor Beauty Bar ( 25gX4)

Registered No.10-2-5714216


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